Why volunteer?


Why volunteer? 


Why volunteer? Clinicians

MJA volunteer medical experts illuminate gaps in care for the 2.3 million people currently incarcerated in the United States. 

Judges and juries rarely have medical expertise and often don’t realize when the constitutional right to appropriate medical care is violated for those who incarcerated. MJA volunteers uncover medical issues and distill them into testimony that helps judges better determine how to support client rights while promoting public safety. 

How it works

Case request

Attorney identifies a client medical concern and submits a case request

Legal agreements

Attorney and client sign an indemnification agreement and MJA pairs them with a physician

Record review

Physician reviews the medical records provided by lawyers and evaluates the concerns raised

Phone interview

Physician conducts a phone interview with client to clarify any questions

Declaration submission

Physician provides attorney written testimony regarding medical care

Team feedback

Physician and attorney provide feedback and legal team shares case results

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MJA provides all the training needed to volunteer, including video tutorials, written declaration samples, and mentorship with experienced expert witnesses. Cases typically take around 6 hours of time over the course of 2 to 4 weeks. MJA understands fluctuating clinical workloads and there is never obligation to take a case. 

Physicians not only support the medical rights of those in carceral facilities, but also gain valuable expert witness experience that can be used in other legal work.

Kelly Barrett
There is simply no way that we could have effectively represented our client in this case without the assistance of skilled physicians like you and your team
Kelly Barrett - Federal Defender
Stefen Short
Your work as practicing physicians brings firsthand experience with patients to help courts see our clients as human beings
Stefen Short - The Legal Aid Society